Sunday, December 5, 2010


If anyone's been reading Irish weather reports (doubtful), you'll know that we're currently suffering from snow and ice. Of course, this being Ireland, where we never get snow or ice, the whole country nearly ground to a standstill from six inches.

So, ordinarily, this wouldn't be a problem for me, since ordinarily, I live in a quarry bending to Slendershit's will. Now, however, I've betrayed the cause of the most dangerous creature who has ever existed and am on the run in a small country, changing town every day to avoid getting tracked and captured.

So, when my next bus fails to materialise, there are problems.

I'm stuck. Someone from Team Slender is gonna find me tonight. Shit will go down.


  1. so you've really turned away eh? I think you can Run, like the others, I think it can work, it'd be tougher for you than anyone, especially since you've got his mark, but I think it's a possibility.

    Good Luck, Reach. Sincerely.

  2. That reminds me, I've been reading your blog for a bit and this defection seems rather quick.

    What happened that made you decide to leave his service, Reach? Don't get me wrong, I approve. But this is out of the blue. Unless I missed something you posted.

  3. Hey reach can I get more information on how to prepare the wood? You mentioned something about using wood that had been treated. I'm about to run an experiment and wood(forgive the pun) like some more info before I do something very very stupid.

  4. @Zero: It was interacting with you guys, to be honest. Even arguing with you guys played a part in it. Being a member of an organisation largely under mind control means that there's almost no conflict and being isolated, being made me less human than I already was. Getting some human interaction made me realise that even if I can't be human, I can be humane. It reminded me of when I used to oppose him, when I used to struggle against him.

    You're initial announcement about the Solstice really rekindled the old romantic in me and when Amelia extended me her hand in friendship...I dunno what happened but I knew I wanted out. I wasn't sure how to go about it, then Slate forced my hand.

    @Will: I just use plain, varnished wood. Woods and forests empower him, they're of his sphere, so when humans take them and use them for their own purposes, they act against him. Have you ever seen Slender Man enter closed room that has a wooden door? He's not very good at it. It's like the room is a separate little universe and he has to find alternate ways in.

    But yeah, normal varnished wood will be fine.

  5. Reach, what can ebony do to Slenderwank?

  6. Thats what I thought. Thanks I can now move on to in acting my plan. If the plan works it'll will mean less people will have to run. Or so I hope.

  7. So any kind of wood will work, then?

    Hey, Reach, I have a theory. It seems as if in most cases tall one just stops the blows directed at Him rather than letting them strike Him. Does that mean we could hurt Him if we could just get past his biokenesis?

  8. since we're all talking about this, on this post, before nessa's last 'incident', I proposed the concept of using jade as a purifying agent, i don't know a lot about it, but I've heard about it being used. She claims that after keeping a piece of it, that it turned brown after a day or so.

    Any thoughts on that, Reach, or was she just delusional?