Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stay Frosty

Everything went off without a hitch. This time, at least. I'm gonna have to come up with new ideas in the future but this plan worked.

I went to this lovely corrie lake on top of Coumshingaun, one of the Comeragh Mountains, which are in the southeast of *Ireland*. The lake is backed by a huge glacial amphitheatre and with the weather we've been having lately (shit), the whole place was frozen. Getting up there was difficult, let me tell you.

But I managed to get up there anyway, then I waited. Sure enough, a few hours later, Aria caught up with me.

At this point, it may be prudent to remind you of two important things about Revenants like Aria and I;

1. We have inhuman strength.
2. We are hypersensitised to everything.

So, on top of these ice-cold mountain, both of us wrapped up really, really well to keep the cold out, we started fighting, as you do. But here's the thing; Aria is fucking excellent at using urban terrain to her advantage but knows shit all about more...scenic settings. In short;


Have any of you ever fallen into a frozen lake? Shit is cold. Now, imagine that but imagine you're so sensitive that a light breeze makes you itch like you have a fucking rash. Ice-cold water is like lava to us. So understandably, when I slammed Aria through the ice, she was incapacitated pretty fast. As in, she died. I don't know whether it was the shock shorted out her heart or she drowned, but either way, I killed a Revenant, which naturally proves my theory that we can be killed. If I'd found this out a few months ago, I would have thrown myself into the lake, but now...

Now, I'm going to start hunting down and killing off the Revenants. Slendershit is probably planning to mobilise them more actively from now, especially after the week of attacks proved at least partially effective. I can almost guarantee that there will be Revenants at the Solistice. To all those participating in the Solistice; use their hypersensitivity against them. The extremes of temperature, bright lights, loud noises, etc. will all be effective against them. Once you have them incapacitated, go for non-wounding kills, don't bother injuring. An injury is just that; an injury, and we have a healing factor. Strangulation is probably your best bet, but beyond that, electrocution would work, perhaps?

So yeah, I'm gonna keep running for now. Once I come up with my next plan, I'll strike again. Until then, I have to keep moving.

Reach out.


  1. Well, I'm going where it is damn cold, so there's that. Hmm. Thank you, now we know the weakness your kind. Reach, I know our opinions on this matter probably deviate, but I hope you live.

  2. Good luck, Reach.

    But to clarify.

    Are you planning to kill me?

    Because I have a plan to get out of this.

    And hopefully you trust me enough to let me go through with it.

    And afterward, we can have tea.