Friday, November 26, 2010


Okay, he's gone. I don't know which one of you he's gone to attack personally, but whoever it is, stay safe.

Will wanted to know more about Conduits.

Before Slendershit put me on guard duty here, I was basically an assassin. He's afraid of Conduits, in the same way we'd be afraid of sapient pandas with bazookas. So he'd send out Revenants like me to deal with them, since we're (to make a very long story short) conduit knock-offs with very limited access to his power.

I've killed 34 Conduits in 40 years. Only seven were aware of their powers.

Of the seven, all of them could sense Slenderstuff, like Slendershit himself, Revenants, and other things from the Other Side, but each of them also had a personal ability. Here's the breakdown of what shit they could pull;

1. Glamour (she fucked around with people's perception to make herself appear more beautiful)
2. Pyrokinesis (use the energy to ignite stuff)
3. Functional invisibility (he was even better at fucking with people's perception)
4. Mind control (to a very limited extent, on his wife, the only one I enjoyed killing, let me tell you)
5. Inhuman strength (this descended into a wall-wrecking wrestling match)
6. Electromagnetism (fighting a guy who could fuck with one of the four fundamental forces was not easy)
7. Beast-taming (mind control on animals basically)

So, basically no consistency there. To answer your question, Will, I'm not sure what you can do. You'll have to find out yourself.

I'm leaving the quarry now. For the first time in a long time. You should hear from me again Sunday or Monday, hopefully. Wish me luck.

Reach out.


  1. Well that is informative, but I think it means each conduit develops a different ability. I'm going to call mine transference.

  2. That would be me, Reach. I think he took my boast a little bit personally. Scared to hell and back, but my resolve's never been stronger.

  3. Reach, is there anything I Conduit can do against a Revenant? How can Will best prepare and defend himself. Obviously you wish for us to win against the tall one, so how can Will win once your master begins sending you and others after him.

  4. Hrm, this is all quite interesting. I wonder how they get their powers, and what rules those abilities follow. I starting to wonder if I'm wrong about psionics being effective against Tree-Lanka. Could you tell me, Reach, if psions can do anything to him, or to a lesser extent those working under him? I want to know from you, because 1.) You would probably know something like this, and 2.) I've yet to encounter him or his mooks, and thus haven't been able to run any experiments on them.
    In case you and others don't know, psionics is basically like psychic stuff, but more advanced and less supernatural. Most psychics (at least from what I know of them) communicate with ghosts, investigate crime scenes, predict people's futures and whatnot. Psionics occasionally overlaps with psychism but there's a difference, which I won't go into simply because I don't feel like it. Mostly what psions do is telepathy, telekinesis, projection, clairvoyance, etc. There's more and I would be happy to divulge all I know to those who are curious, but I'll spare all the eyesore for this is a comments section, not a blog of my own.

  5. Thank you Reach, I think I'll look into this a little more. You can expect more questions from me later. Stay safe, man.

  6. My question was answered in a previous post. Never mind, but thank you. X3