Thursday, November 25, 2010


Okay, I dunno how much time I have. One of you is giving him a lot of trouble and he left to join the fray himself. I'm gonna post as much information as I can before he gets back.

The guy who posted using my account (other than the Tall One using me as a puppet) is another Revenant, Slate. He's about six foot five, fucking ripped with muscles, bald. If you see him, do not under any circumstances try and fight him. You have no hope of beating him yet. Just run.

Will asked about Conduits.

Just as matter can be moved between our Side and the Other Side, so too can energy. Sometimes, in order to empower his minions, the Tall One turns them into a vessel of "Slenderpower", allowing them to channel the energy from the Other Side. However, some people are born with the ability to use Slenderpower. These are the Conduits and there is nothing he fears more in this world or his than the Conduits because they can turn his power against him and actually, physically harm him if trained properly. Will, it seems that you may be a conduit, which explains your ability to sense his presence.

This brings me on to my next point; the Tall One's weaknesses. He is vulnerable to that which is of his own sphere but defiled and turned against him. Because he is of the trees, chopped wood and especially varnished wood fucks with his vision but don't go around covering everything you own in varnished wood; he'll perceive it as an anomaly in his vision, not as something invisible.

What else, what else, what else.

Oh yeah, the whole fucking attack thing might be useful.

I'm not 100% sure what happened. It seems I was suspect so they kept me in the dark on it to see whose side I'd join. They got their answer when I got into a fight with Slate. I was trying to bury him underground when the Tall One returned and they tag-teamed me.

Anyway, the attacks. I think they factored in your fighting back, which is why they went on the defensive yesterday. He wants to spend the next four days and nights trying to destroy you.

Fuck, he's coming back. I'll be back as soon as I can.



  1. Good luck,god so help me it ain't me.cuz i ain't done shit..

  2. This does shed some light on why the fucker is taking an avoid me at all possible attitude.

  3. Reach, Reach, Reach. What happened to you? You used to be one of our Master's best. Now your trying to resist our fate by helping these silly fools? Your punishment will be most severe. I shall enjoy watching you squirm traitor.

  4. What happened was I remembered what it was like to be human. And even if I can never be human again, I can still be humane.

    So when I come to kill you, I'll kill you humanely. It will be swift and painless.

  5. No need I did it for you. Could however use your help getting Robert back. On my to where they are holding him now.

  6. You're not ready, Will. Don't go. If you get killed, or worse, captured...

    There's no telling what he could do if he had a conduit under his control. Robert is a big boy, he doesn't need your help. But everyone else does. Wait.

  7. Waiting wont help anyone any other suggestion on what I should do?

  8. looooooOOOOOOOOOOOooooosing you won't help either



  9. You seem to know more about conduits than I do. Is there anything else my ability can do other than drawing out energy, absorbing it, purifying it, and sensing things?

  10. Seems like I was right when I thought a cricket bat might just work. Even if it doesn't work on the man himself, it'll probably work against anything short of him.