Sunday, November 28, 2010


He's back...kindof.

I cried when I read that post. Like a baby.

I fucking cried. Redlight, whoever the fuck he is, is going to fucking BURN.


  1. Pfft, what are you talking about? The man gets trauma, forgets the last few months and has a chance at a normal life. You should be so lucky Reach.

    Not afraid to say I cried a bit too, at the loss of a friend I once had, but also that he can live without insanity, hopefully, for the rest of his life. It's beautiful in a sad way.

    I think...I think Redlight as I called him was Robert. His common sense, trying to pull him back from the brink. Dunno about the burns though, maybe intentional maybe an accident.

    Anyway, be happy for him, and say nothing about his previous life, okay?

  2. Robert needs only a moment alone to click on our profiles or do a little investigating and he'll see what we're going through for himself.
    Hey, zero, I'm working on a little idea that I want to run by you. Its not ready yet, but I inform you. It will be on my blog along with the eventual updates I keep promising.

  3. I cried because Redlight violated his mind. The sanctity of the mind is one of the few things I've clung to all my life. Sure, Robert forgot all the shit in the last few months, but Redlight didn't have the right to make him forget.

    And somehow, given Redlight's last post, I don't think Robert's getting off quite so easily.

  4. yeah, seeing that...well it's not so great anymore. but really, better than most of us will get. I still think Redlight is Robert, maybe some other part of him. Well, i'd rather chalk it up as a win than a loss, but yeah...

  5. Reach, what ways are there into his realm?