Monday, January 3, 2011


In the darkest part of the longest night,
Three young fighters rose to fight
Against the man in the midnight suit;
In this all three were resolute.

First, the Disciple, the beauteous maid,
Her hair tied for battle, in a binding braid,
Wielding the wood sword, with symbol inscribed,
And armed with the knowledge that she had imbibed.

Next, the Jester, the clever young lad,
Guarded by the mask that he had.
Armed with nought but pure imagination,
The power of destruction and of creation.

Then, the Gambler, the strong, strapping man,
The one who had put together this plan.
He too had a mask, he too had a sword,
But his true power came from the written word.

Last, the Monster, the villain of the tale,
A man but too slender, too tall and too pale.
Holding the power that none comprehend,
Having no desires but to bring about the end

Of the three young fighters who stood in his path.
He first struck the Jester, who dodged with a laugh,
Then struck back with eggs and water balloons,
The likes of it unseen since 50s cartoons.

Second, the Disciple, with the strength of her back,
Calmly side-stepped the villain's next attack,
Then cleaved with the wood sword, the symbol defiled,
Which caused the monster to suddenly recoil.

Finally, the Gambler, raised his blade high,
'Til the tip of it was ready to sever the sky,
Then he brought it down low, with a whistling sound,
And severed the fiend's arm, which fell to the ground.

Shock gripped the scene and silence descended,
Hope filled the three; could the nightmare be ended?
But the monster hit back and knocked them aside
And, without sound, vanished into the night.

In the darkest part of the longest night,
Three young fighters rose to fight
Against the man in the midnight suit;
In this all three were resolute.

The beauty, the brain, the brawn and the beast,
Went their separate ways as the sun in the east
Rose on the land, spreading its light,
Cleansing away the evidence of the fight.

Maybe one day, the three'd meet again,
But would they meet as enemies or friends?
Either way, on that morning, as the sun did rise,
The three now held hope of the monster's demise.


  1. Reach, that's really awesome. Very nice rhymes. Great job!

  2. Interesting.

    More people should see this.

  3. Epic. I'm adding this to the Index now.

  4. The Black Rook contributes to the Otherwordly's wound, then falls silent after a pledge to the Damsel of a long-dead tongue. Has the Empty One found him, or does his crusade against the Black King's elite carry him beyond the All-Seeing Eye's ken?

  5. Very interesting subject matter and some very good rhymes (though "defiled" and "recoil" do not rhyme, no matter how I squint). I'd be very interested in seeing more of your epic poetry.




  7. (Posting this just in case you're still out there...)

    Code translation:

    I would like
    To congratulate you non assaur. It was a good idea that wi
    ll never work. I would like to remind y
    ou that there is another solstice. Keep running.


    He posted it on everyone's Solstice stories. I think he's trying to scare us or something. I dunno. Just thought you should know what it means.