Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Theft

Well, since Ava has somehow forgotten to give you an hourly update of her pissing schedule, I'd better give you guys an update.

We managed to steal whatever photos Ava needed but, of course, stubborn little girl that she is, she's refusing to show me them or tell me what they're about until I answer her question about the secret in the quarry. Well, I'll answer it here for all to see;

Of course I can show you the secret in the quarry. But first we'll have to fight our way past the Revenants protecting the quarry and possibly Slendercock himself. So, for now, I'm planning.

Now tell me what the hell the photo is about, brat.


  1. Shut up berk. I'm quite obviously reading through something over here. You haven't even told me where you buggered off to and it wouldn't be intelligent for me to blurt out what we're doing at all hours since I'm now a fucking Runner.

    I'm all up for that, I even brought them gifts.

  2. Fine, I told you. Now tell me what the photos are about.

    I can't believe I have to ask you over the Internet for you to even realise I'm talking to you.

  3. .....I'm going to simultaneously punch you and hug you when you least expect it.

    Oh shut up, you were one of us once, still are physically. Smartarse.

    Fine. Take the copies, I'll write it up.

  4. I can hardly hear you over your fucking scarf. And Balthazar's growling...

    Who's a good little hellhound?

  5. I'll take off the scarf if you turn off the cold air blowing in my face. Christ, child, it's cold enough as it is.

  6. Good lord man, you call yourself Irish. I melt at temperatures above 23C.


  7. Wow, Ava, great choice of words. I can see why you're such a hit with the guys. Or other people in general.

  8. ¬_¬


    Read my post. I can't say the words. Urgh. I'm going to feed Balthazar.

  9. It's like watching Rush Hour all over again...

  10. Don't you love it when a plan comes together?