Monday, January 31, 2011


My stomach is in bits. I don't even know what chicken teriyaki is but it sounded foreign and strong-flavoured. I was right on both counts.

I held two icicles in my hand for an hour. My hands are still bright red from it. That was five hours ago.

Listened to some modern rock music on loud. I never really got it, to be honest. Muse are the only band I liked out of those I listened to. I'll stick to my pre-50s music, thanks.

Tried out a few perfumes, pretended I was looking for a gift for my girlfriend. My nose is burning.

And I stared into a bright light without my sun-blocking contact lenses. Migraine.

Still in a lot of pain. Keep having to pause every few words for my hands. Can't give up. Got to be better. Got to be stronger. Have to keep going. Have to run. Have to fight. Have to protect Ava.

Ugh. Tired. Going bed.

Reach out.


  1. At least your organs are intact, and not strung up on a tree, right, Reach? Then your stomach would be in real bits. Really small bits. All over the place.

    Sorry. Not helping. Good luck, I suppose. You know, back in the warehouse, I looked into medication to stop pain. They've got a lot of painkillers these days. Like Tylenol, Motrin, Viagra. Things to just dull it out until it's like it's not there. You could try one of those, couldn't you?

  2. Frap, Viagra's not a painkiller and for the love of whatever deity you believe in, don't take Viagra Reach! I hate to think what that would to someone with your sensitivity issues!

    All though he does bring up a good point. If Motrin or something similar would help dull the sensations, it might be a good tool in desensitization.

  3. Sorry. I just looked up what it was. Um. Bad idea. But some kind of medication would definitely help. Something to numb it out. Anyway...I'll just go now.

  4. See I'm thinking numb it out wouldn't be good because the point is to be able to learn to handle it. But if he was able to figure out what dosages gave different levels of dulling it, he could build up his tolerance in a way that won't destroy him physically.

  5. Dude... You are an official Bro.

    Muse is the shit. If you havent listened to a song called "Thoughts of a Dying Atheist" you should do so. Its fantastic. Same with "Hysteria" "Stolkholm Syndrome" and "Assassin"

  6. Reach, are you sure you shouldn't be starting with milder foods, then working your way up? Like rice? Even fried rice? Or vegetables? Something other than teryaki chicken?

    (Also, the Viagra Incident just made my day. ^^)


  7. Dear Rook, you will climb this mountain. However, perhaps rather than seek to leap out of a helicopter halfway up and hope you find a handhold, you might be better-served starting from the base?

  8. Thage, I keep saying the same thing, (though in less poetic terms.)

    You're an idiot, Reach. And in case you haven't noticed, we work pretty damn well as a team that works Back-To-Back. I don't need you to protect me, derpbrain.

    And I swear, I don't care if you don't "Need" sleep. I WILL knock you out and drag you to your bed.

    You know I'm perfectly capable of doing so. ¬_¬

  9. I agree with the above, don't try to take viagra.

    Anyway, I gotta give you credit for doing all that. Must hurt like a cocker spaniel.

  10. I don't have time to start from the base...but I'll take a break anyway. If you're all really that concerned.