Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've decided to talk about the quarry a bit. In case Ava and I don't succeed and don't get a second chance. The secret in the quarry would be a useful asset and I don't want the knowledge of its hiding place to be lost to the Runners if I die. Unfortunately, I can not directly tell you where it is, but I will endeavour to leave something behind that will allow it to be discovered by others. For now, I will simply tell you about what obstacles face anyone who goes there.

1. The quarry is actually private property and you can be charged with trespassing for going into it.
2. The quarry is not totally abandoned, there is occasional work there.

(Those are the simplest to avert. Don't worry though, there are more.)

3. The quarry can be pretty hazardous in of itself, actually. Huge mounds of stone and sand and gravel, sheer cliff-faces, plenty of water to drown in, holes to fall down.
4. The quarry has ample ambush spots and hiding places for Revenants and Proxies.

(Steadily getting more difficult to avoid.)

5. It is the Revenant base of operations, there are usually at least three in the quarry at any given time, and Thage's skills notwithstanding, most humans aren't going to survive getting attacked by one. Most Conduits don't, let alone normal humans.
6. The quarry is the most dangerous of Slender Man's labyrinths. It brutally attacks the mind of anyone who spends too long in there without Slender Man's permission. It doesn't even teleport you anywhere, it just makes you think it has, you start running around walls that aren't there, turning corners that don't exist, you're already incapacitated anyway and you're probably going to encounter one of the hazards from point number three. After a while, it starts eroding your memory, then your sanity, until you're nothing left but a shell.

(Major obstacles, but still not the worst.)

7. Slender Man is finely attuned to the quarry. If you go into his quarry with the intent of stealing his secret, then you are going to have to face him. And not in his passive, observant way, I mean full-on mindfuck combat tentacle mode.

(Issue number one ^.)

So yeah, the quarry is gonna be hard. It doesn't help that Slate seems to have replaced me as the quarry's overseer. He's a lot more loyal to Slender Man than I ever was and a lot more powerful. Whenever this happens, it will have to be planned meticulously. Until then, Ava is threatening me with tasing unless I sleep, so I'd better do so.

Reach out.


  1. holy.... be careful you two.

    please bring her back in one piece Reach. There is still more that she needs to do. (or at least i assume)

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  2. Oh shit. . .hopefully you get to kick Slate's ass AND make it out. . .

  3. I would love to put something poetic and lovely up, but I'll settle for heartfelt instead.

    Best of luck when you go. All the joy in the world if you make it and if you don't, I have no doubt that the two of you will do some major damage on your way out.

  4. Stay safe, dear Rook. You've a good deal of work left to do in the world.

  5. You are terribly insane. Both of you.

    Please stay safe. Kick their asses for us.


  6. ^ I agree. Kick their asses to kingdom come and back again. Promise me one thing though if you see Mr. Lanky flip him off for me.

  7. What you need is a trump card, something valuable to Slender Man you can use as a bargaining chip. ie "Don't mess with me or I'll break this (insert object here)."
    Barring that, you'll need some kind of Death Blossom, something that can take a huge swaths of the bad guys all at once. If I've been reading everyone's blogs correctly, some sort of EM pulse would do the trick, but would probably knock you out too, leaving Ava on her own.

  8. What are you on about, child? Seriously, what you're saying has absolutely no relevance to the issue at hand. Educate yourself before offering advice.

  9. I didn't mean to offend, I was just "thinking out loud". Obviously you know what you're doing and don't need me to tell you what to do.