Saturday, February 12, 2011

Rules, Robert

Oh, you silly, silly man. You little fucking shit. You spend all your time trying to put rules on He That Is, but you can't play by the rules yourself. Oh, burning down your house, that was clever. Rescuing Reach? Not so much. Well, not for his dear Catherine at any rate.

Round one of the game is over, ladies and gentlemen, and thanks to that spoilsport, Sagel, parent and child have both gone free. But I'm afraid Catherine is not quite so innocent anymore. In fact, she's been given a little update on all the fun that Reach got up to as a Revenant. Won't that be a fun reunion?

Don't be fooled, by the way. The game isn't over. In fact, it's only just begun.




  1. Why didn't you jump in the lake? Screw you, redlight(Ass). you lost this round, we won. That's the way games work, no?

  2. You're a cunt. And guess what happens to cunts.

    They get fucked.

  3. His DAUGHTER? REALLY? So you decide to torture him for a fucking week and then you go after his goddamn family?

    I thought you wanted to end suffering once.

    Now, I see, you're the cause of it.

    And, as you saw, at least Reach's side is capable of doing something correctly. From what I've read, all of your little "games" didn't end too well for you, Red.

    Take that into consideration while the rest of these guys give you hell, you dick.

  4. Heeheehee, I always loved that word, cunt.

    Cunt cunt cunt cunt cunt.

    Oh, and Redlight(Cunt)


    Better than any words I have.

  5. Disappointing Redlight. You seem to be becoming a one man Goldfish Poop Gang...

  6. So because Robert didn't play by the rules, you threw a tantrum? Did I read that correctly? Oh well, at least your failures will forever be my source of cheap entertainment.

  7. You're a fucking...hmm...what word is there bad enough to describe you? Oh, I know.


    I think that about covers it, don't you?

    Go Fuck Yourself

  8. Summer, you have the most epic vocabulary.

  9. PLease put your attention to this video of Team America's favorite speech.

    Guess which category you are.


    A little warning to Redlight, and an offer to the Irregulars, from the P.T.C.

  11. You seem like a very pleasant man. I hope to God I never have a run in with you.

  12. As I said, Redlight, you're time is running out. You've hurt to many people, pissed off too many people.

    You're royally screwed, buddy.

  13. Ah, yes, what did I say in the last post?

    "We'll see about that, Redlight(Motherfucker)."

    I believe the expression that will perfectly sum up my feelings is "POWNED, MOTHERFUCKER!"

    Go jump in the lake and die, Redlight. You couldn't even defend Reach and Catharine with seven Revenants from Robert. How sad. For you, it's great for us. :D


  14. Redlight!

    If you ever wanna play a game, Ill play with you any time~

    I'm quite good at Risk!

    You, however, seem like you wouldn't be good at that game.

    Perhaps we could play chutes and ladders?

  15. Kyahahaha...Ava just made my day. Brilliant. Couldn't have said it better myself.

    It greatly amuses me that you keep losing, Redlight. Constantly outwitted. How's your fingers and toes, jackass?

  16. Redlight, old idiot, haha.

    I like how you just drop silent when you've lost. Swear a storm while people actually hurt you, and then come back acting like nothing happened.

    I wonder just how much you regret.

    Well, no, you're long gone.

    I dunno. We'll all see.

    I wonder what you've got against Robert... jealous, scared, or pissy? Eh, whatever.

  17. As an addendum, red, I have to wonder why you keep trying? You always demean us for our persistence, but your track record and your effort contradicts that.

    Lessee, in no particular order.

    You tried to rough up Robert and trap him in an amnesiac shell. He regains memories, you fail.

    You try to more literally trap him and get us to vote for his death. You fail, he sticks your hand where it really belongs.

    You go off to try and dissuade Zeke. Get thrown out, don't even faze him.

    You try to taunt Ava out of personal spite with your speed. You get shot in the foot.

    Add a 0% success record for the memory wiping in the end, too. Six failures, I think. Maybe five.

    No successes.

    Why do YOU keep going?

  18. Bravo, sir.

    Instead of demoralizing the collective minds and masses with your little game, you've actually fired them up even worse. And now Reach is free as well, he's with supporters I imagine and now you're attempting to pretend as if you'd won?

    If this were a chess game, you'd have just lost your queen. Since this is not, however, I will refer to a much more appropriate phrase in context of the situation.

    I hope He realizes how utterly useless you are and guts you like the soulless swine you are.

  19. am i the only one who sees what he actually might be GAINING out of all of this?

    Lets look at it in a different light from "oh yay we got reach back"

    lets look at us now.

    we are all gun-ho all of the sudden. if you know anything about a certain internet meme "Leeroy Jeenkins" you will know what this kind of thing will bring. getting all fired up is great if you are fighting a war against humans.

    but we arent. we are fighting against things that we dont understand fully yet, no matter how much we try to say we do!

    so everyone needs to shut up and calm down. i dont wanna see you guys being cocky little fucktards who go out with a bazooka saying "lets go kill us some Revenants!"

    no that is stupid and retarded.

    we need to remain smart, thinking creatures of logic BEFORE we go out and pull a risky move.

    yes what Robert did was fantastic, this is our victory!


    The Id's Ego/The Mouse

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive