Friday, February 4, 2011


Thy liars quarrel. In IR, he can die.


  1. Reach, get out of the quarry. Stay alive, man, for the love of god, STAY ALIVE.

  2. Fuck, fuck, you were supposed to /protect her/! Goddammit she better not be dead.

  3. so long Reach, fare thee well in whatever post life you recieve. If you did survive this, I'd be inclined to say that your soul has probably been re-earned.

  4. RIP

    may your soul find a beautiful resting place.

  5. Rook....
    Reach, please say something, anything.

  6. Right. I haven't even been able to look at this stupid blog since....

    You're a stupid, stupid man.

    Thank you. I hate you for doing this to me. Us.

    But I'll keep the hope I guess.

    I'm going to Egypt. We discussed it as something I'd do after Ireland, right?

    Stupid, stupid man.

    Thank you. I hope you truly gave him hell, for everyone.

    It's not the same travelling without you, really.

    I'll cope. I hope you lived. I'll keep the faith like I did when Robert left. He came back too, right?

    I love you.

    Get your arse in gear, shitehawk.

  7. Huh, seems kinda bad to leave a post after Ava's but what can I say? I'm good at ruining the mood.

    Thanks. For keeping her safe in the end. I shouldn't have doubted you. Guess I kinda hope you're still alive too. Hell, it seems to be a common theme among this group, right?

    You're a good man, Reach. I'm sorry I didn't get to know you sooner. Wherever you are, be it afterlife or somewhere else, keep yourself safe.

  8. We only spoke once here, but I'm hoping you're alive. And if you're not, I'm hoping you've been reunited with your family and finally found some peace.

    Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again Raymond Shaughnessy.

  9. Reach.

    Wherever you are, alive or dead...

    If there's a heaven, you should damn well be in it.


  10. For what I heard of you on Ava's blog, you were a good man, a true soldier in the fight against Him. And may you rest in peace. Or if you're alive, well then, keep up the damn good work.