Monday, February 14, 2011


So, Ava and I talked and we decided to post the conversation here for all our friends and family to see. Yes, that's you guys.

Me: How's Cynthia doing?

Ava: Biting. -she rubs her right forearm- I think she's still...well, under His control. You?

Me: Hmmm? Oh, I'm fine, all things considered. Just getting used to being human again. I am probably the first person who has ever had to say that.

Ava: Oh really? Millions of billions of years and you're the only one? Hehehe. At least you can look at lights now, huh?

Me: Yeah...-an awkard silence- Why me, Ava?

Ava: ...why you, what?

Me: Come on, Ava, you know what I mean. Why did you pick me?

Ava: I...I'm not even sure I know, myself. You're just...urgh. Do you have any idea how hard this is?

Me: Yes, I do, actually.

Ava: I though you were dead, berk. You know what I mean.

Me: I guess.

Ava: You' equal. I have literally NEVER come across an equal as....YOU as you. I've happened across people I consider equal, of course I have, but...they lacked....well, they lacked the youness.

Me: So, you picked me because I'

Ava: ....yes. You're not exactly easy to come across you know. And before you say it, I know. I know how stupid this is, and I know how singularly odd it is also.

Me: It's not stupid.

Ava: But.

Me: It's not stupid, Ava.

Ava: Nyu-huh. Right. It's NOT stupid for me to fall in love with, basically, a sixy year old man in a seventeen year old's body. Who was also going to be married and has a forty year old daughter. Oh yeah. That's totally sane.

Me: Ava, I can't really be said to have matured normally. I'm emotionally thirty, at most.

Ava: -she snorts- Mhmm. Soooo much better.

Me: You're not exactly emotionally your age either, Ava. The gap isn't as big as you're making it out to be.

Ava: ...yes. Well. I know that. Hence the fact that you need to understand that I'm not exactly just being a teenager on Valentine's day.

Me: I know that, Ava.

Ava: So I'm not exactly taking anything back.

Me: I wouldn't want you to.

Ava: I meant it then and I mean it now. -another awkard silence-

Me: I'm gonna be brutally honest with you here. I'm afraid to love you, Ava. If I let myself love you, then it will make losing you a hundred times worse.

Ava: ...I am so close to slapping you right now, you face should be burning in anticipation.

Me: Ava, in my defense, I don't have a lot of experience in the field of emotions.

Ava: And neither the fuck do I. But I know that I love you. And I know that I will be damned if I'm leaving your side again. You've already proven that leaving you alone ends up horribly. For both of us.

Me: I always want you at my side, Ava. That's the problem. You're in remission for terminal cancer.

Ava: are actually shitting me, right?

Me: I'm just wondering will loving you now be worth mourning you later.

Ava: I've been in remission for SIX years. You could DIE at any moment thanks to your being human again. Slenderman could roll up in the night and slaughter us BOTH. I could get run over by a TRUCK. Even NORMAL people have those threats.

Me:'re right. You always are. Comes with the scientist territory, I guess.

Ava: Thank you. Now. What?

Me: -I get up, walk over and kiss her- I tried to make sure that I didn't do it too hard or soft.

Ava: ... -grabs me by the shirt and pulls me to her lips, only to be interrupted by a wretching noise from Cynthia- Oh for the love of fucking Christ.

Me: I love you, Ava.

Ava: Well, I certainly hope so or everthing I've said is rendered null and void and you're now just fucking with me. -she smirks-

Me: What are you smirking about?

Ava: Because I love you and you've admitted that you love me and now we have to invoke the Trope of Power Couple.

Me: It is entirely Jeff's fault that I understand what that means.

Ava: -kisses me quickly- Now. I hate to move directly from love to business, but I have to actually pay attention to the whining snotbag and notify Tony and Cathy as to how to get here. I believe you have a blog to update then? -she smirks again-

Me: Quite possibly. Do you want to post the conversation or shall I?

Ava: I'll be playing babysitter and marrige counsilor. I believe you should, sweetheart.

Me: Of course, darling.

Ava: Smartarse.

Me: Yes, but I'm your smartarse.

Ava: Oh god. I think I may be feeling the tinges of regret on the edges of my love for you. -she snickers-

Me: Don't worry, I'll make it worth your while. Go, take care of the child, I'll update the blog.

Ava: -she blushes- I was already going, I assure you.

Me: Wonderful.

You can now unclench your collective arses. Yes, we're together.


  1. still cant stop laughing at the trope bit

    gotta admit, man, you are a lucky bastard in more than one respect now.

    good to see someone out there is finding a bit of happiness.

    The Id's Ego

    Stay Sane, Stay Alive

  2. ...





    Okay, I'm done.


  3. Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm so happy for you two! Oh! And on Valentine's Day too? That's so sugary and disgusting I could die! ♥

    Best of luck you guys!


  4. You two make such a good couple. <3

  5. Congratulations, it's fitting since it's Valentine's today.

    Also, I think the trope Ava was looking for is Battle Couple.

    Good Luck(in all things)

  6. This post could not be more Epic. Congratulations!

  7. You two deserve it. Wishing you every happiness.

  8. Can we get a collective, "AWWWWWWW"? :D

  9. ...okay, I'll admit that I started smiling halfway through, when I realised what this was leading into.

    AND SUCH A BAD TIME TOO, we were talking about the Holocaust in History :S

    Still...happy V-day to you both, glad things did manage to work out.


    ...oh, right.


  10. Yes! No more disgusting red.

    Good Luck


  11. I know I'm pretty jaded all in all, thinking that things are just going to miraculuously better.

    but I'm on record in your comments as having shipped you and Ava first.

    so, ya know, victory for me.

    But remember the slasher movies, don't let your guard down for nothing.

  12. Awww. Congratulations. And welcome back.

  13. ... Huh, the faux html tags don't work.

    *Goes back to lurking, then.*

  14. Hooray, the blog background is back to normal. Fuck you, Redlight! :D You couldn't even permanently change a blog background.

    ...Okay, I'll stop the gloat fest.


    *alters his shipping wall accordingly*

  16. D'aw. :) That is so cute! Best of luck to you two. ^^


  17. ...shipping WALL?! you have entire WALL dedicated to your SHIPPINGS, slice?!

    the thought disturbs me slightly... (especially if im on it...)

    and no, im not gonna comply with the whole going yay over this new couple. there is no point. we need to be focusing on other shit.

  18. Hail, Traitor. Enjoy your time with the Mistress while you can. The Master is far from finished with you both. You do not know me, but I know all about you, Mr. Shaughnessy. The Master is greatly displeased, and has...geat things in store. Ado.

  19. Oh god, it's you.

    Which means that The Roninator lives!


    Well, I look forward to seeing what these "geat" things are.

  20. "Great" things. Serving the Master does not always allow for the most functional keyboard, unfortunately.

    Yes, Little Prey is alive. ...For now. I make it no secret that the Master releases the fox for the thrill of the hunt. I, His faithful hound, have been gifted with the task of playing with dear Ronald until his antics grow to bore Him.

  21. Hmm. I'm bored of you already.

  22. @NOOC: Right now its more like a bulletin board. And I don't really know you well enough to come up with pairings for you.



  23. Is it weird that becoming human again makes me less scared of your pathetic proxy threats? Because it does. Fuck off.

  24. oh god... please tell me that i wont be appearing on that wall.

    and i agree, Black Leaf is boring.

  25. You're human again, Reach?! Oh, man, good for you, even if it came with pain. Welcome back to the human race, man. And congrats on the new love, mate. Good luck.

    You probably don't remember me, but I'm formerly the Roninator. I asked a bunch of questions in the Nov.-Dec. 2010 time period.

    Hey, Reach, have you ever heard of a case in which a victim's mind is erased, but their practical knowledge of money, tech, and reading was left in check? Well, we've got a case of this happening at a blog called "Search and Reveal".

    Lastly, have you ever heard of something called "The Mark". Apparently, it's been put in me, so now the "Third Floor" rule doesn't apply to me anymore and slenderdick can grab me and take me anywhere at anytime now.

  26. hello Raymond. i'm new to comment but i've been following the various blogs for a while. it's been a hell of a trip (emphasis on hell) with far more downs than ups, but right now, with this post, i just can't help but feel like everything will be alright. call me a sap, but as long as love remains, as long as miracles like this are still possible... i really can't be all that pessimistic about the future.

    you inspire me, Raymond. you and Ava both. stay safe, but more importantly, stay happy. that's the only way you'll be able to /live/, instead of just survive.

  27. The circumstances of Prey the 2nd and your own were machinated long after Traitor left our ranks. You seek truth from the wrong source.

  28. Redemption comes in many ways.
    Some can only be redeemed by death.