Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pressing Issue

Tony and I just dropped off Robert at a hotel. Cheap as fuck and the mattress is probably stuffed with insect corpses, but the only money either of us had on us was some change from when Ava sent me to a corner shop for snacks while we were on recon. Robert's a tough guy, he'll be fine.

I've calmed down a bit. I'm thinking a bit more clearly now. The Convention on Morons and Egomaniacs is still in place though. That's not going away anytime soon, Orwellian though it may be.

The latest revelations about Redlight are...extremely worrying, to put it lightly. Redlight isn't a person, it's a network. It explains a lot of inconsistencies; some of the Redlights are presumably human while others are Revenants. It also explains why Redlight is so adaptable; the network is constantly recrunching possibilities. I had theorised before about Slender Man existing in a non-linear existence but my theories came to nothing. I may have to look into them again in light of Robert's revelations.

The most pressing issue, for Tony and I, at any rate, is that Redlight want to add Cynthia and Ava to their ranks. Tony and I have decided to release a public statement regarding this information;

"Fuck that."
- Tony Delmont and Reach, What You Are In The Dark

Redlight, we offered our help. Well, I did at any rate, I can't remember if Tony did and Tony is gone to try and steal scrounge together some food, so I can't check. Also, I'm really tired and stresses and fuck you Redlight. We offered our help. Hell, I even said that I might still be willing to help you after I got Ava back. That offer just expired. We're gonna track you down and get our girls back and if we get the chance, we're going to kill every single one of you. The abyss gazes also, boy, and you and he have been having a staring contest. I hope you're prepared to meet your maker, because your model is getting recalled courtesy of a bullet between the eyes. I don't care if I mangled those metaphors, your fucking dead.

Okay, I lied about the thinking clearly bit. I'm just a wee bit drunk. But, you know what, you have your girlfriend kidnapped by a bunch of time-travelling hivemind psychos and then you try not to drink. It's fucking difficult, especially when it's the first time you've been able to drink in over 40 years. Luckily, I'm not at the stage where drunkenness affects me spelling. I'm at that lovely stage where I have most of my mental faculties, I'm just talking like a fucking moron.

Anyway, I'm done talking to Redlight, I want to talk to my friends, family, companions and acquaintances. Tony and I are heading to Thage's. Sounds like Tony and Cathy need to talk and I want to call in that spaghetti bolognese that Thage owes me. For the record, I am really proud of spelling spaghetti bolognese while drunk. I feel accomplished.

Ava, I doubt that Redlight is letting you read this, but, just for posterity, in case anything happens to me and I'm not around when you get free; I'm sorry. I'm sorry I didn't protect you. If When I get you back, I promise to make up for it. I'm not going to let him hurt you again. I love you.

Also yes, Tony, I am aware I am whiney and angsty and all that jazz. You go 40 years with little to no emotions only to be thrust back into humanity, then come and criticise my emotional state.

Reach out.


  1. i think visiting a good friend and having a good meal is a very very good idea

  2. I've got some preparing to do, then...

  3. Don't worry, Reach you'll get used to being human and having emotions. It'll take some of course, but you'll adapt. Because humans are nothing if not adaptable.

  4. Wow. First time I've ever seen you drunk. This is an experience. XD

    Kick some ass, Reach. For all of us.

  5. i imagine a good drink and a steak are much like

    ambrosia to someone who has eaten crackers for 30 years

  6. I can't stop laughing. I'm sorry, this Blog is hilarious.

    Reach puts a whole new spin on "If nobody will ever know will do what's right or what's easy."

    I love the chronicles of a hero that knows he's wrong. Has experienced how wrong fighters and runners are first hand, but continues to press on to save face.


  7. reach a question

    robert says that redlight is a group and not a single person

    redlight has said that rika is a name at least two agents have used

    in your experience

    would you say that there is something of a communal personality that certain agents identify with

    this would be an interesting development

    multiple personalities for the monster

    and multiple people with the same personality as agents

    perhaps all in a quest to rediscover themselves

    i have no clue myself

    any thoughts

  8. Geez... Hey, Reach, you're going to be alright, right?

  9. I've never seen that phenomenon myself, Remnant. If I was to guess, I'd say that feature is unique to Redlight's little secessionist bloc.

    Yeah, I'm fine, Ron. I'm not getting drunk, really, just buzzed.

  10. I wasn't talking about that alcohol consumption. It's just that things have taken a turn for the worse on all sides. Robert's nuts, Will's down an arm, M's still missing, a proxy pretenidng to be one of us is looking for him, I'm still trapped in Boston, Cerberus may have been killed fighting a Revenant, Ava's captured, and redlight's still at large. Are you going to be alright with all this shit hitting the fan is what I meant.

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  12. History is written by the winner. I don't see too many on your side writing.

  13. Leaf, at least read posts before commenting on them. I declared my intent to destroy Redlight, dumbass, I admitted nothing.

  14. Well good on you.

    Good luck, rest well. Assuming by now you haven't already. And then go kick some ass.

    Not that you need someone like me to tell you that.

  15. You're going to need luck once this THING is released. Hopefully it won't replace Redlight or Leaf.

    Redlight's destruction doesn't really seem like that big a deal right now.

    Leaf's job, well, this thing if going to be sicked on all of Boston's bloggers, if he makes another mistake like with Yancy.

  16. I think Leaf was talking to me.

  17. Sorry to double post, but give them hell, Reach. Give them all hell. Oh yea, and the Yancy YggyCore refers to was the Revenant Cerberus got into a fight with. Yancy's been found dead in a frozen river, but it looks like he took Cerberus with him.