Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hemos Vuelto

Tony and I have arrived at La Casa de Thage. I really have to commend Tony on his car-stealing skills, they really helped cut the travel time down. Even better, I now have a burnt-out Honda Civic on two continents.

Cathy and Tony are in a room on their own have a presumably quite serious talk. Thage is in her sitting room, reading a book and waiting for me to finish my spaghetti bolognese. By which I mean the very large pot she made. I am really fucking hungry.

I am also really nervous. I only exchanged a few words with Thage when I arrived and didn't look her in the eyes much. It's hard for me to look at her, knowing what I've done to her, seeing how I've changed her. I remember when she was younger, she was such a beautiful young lady. Which isn't to say that she's not beautiful now, because she is, but...she's beautiful in the same way that Ophelia from Hamlet is beautiful after she loses her mind. She's beautiful in the same way that the ruins of a burnt building are.

Ava's on the way here from Maine. We should be fine here if the enemy are still abiding by the exact wording of the deal that I made with Thage. Both sides can and do consort with her unless she feels like pleading the Third.*

I'm...overloaded at the moment. There's a lot, too much, even, going through my head. I'm gonna finish this pot and then go talk to the woman who's life I destroyed.

Reach out.

*I commend anyone who gets this joke without Google.


  1. I've checked around, I'm flying. I'll be there in an hour and ten.

    Can me at the airport or something? I think I may just faint of exhaustion. I feel like I've been awake for weeks...

    I...I don't know how to react to you right now. I love you, but he made me feel so much hate...

  2. And of course I get the joke. Hehe.

  3. Of course you do. After all, you're my kind of girl.

  4. Quartering soldiers? Or is it a different third? I just don't see the joke, I suppose. It's good that you're okay, Reach, that you're all fine...that you'll soon be together...anyway, good luck and good times, yeah? ~Frap

  5. Reach, read xkcd?

    ...I think I like you a lot more now.

  6. What's xkcd? I was just making an obscure law joke.


    It's a comic. *Helpful.*

  8. Hmmm...the author comes off quite arrogant and overly subversive. Can't say I approve.

  9. *Shrug* I'm amused by it, but 'sa pretty accurate analysis. The comic in question, if you didn't already find/pass it:

    ... anyway. *Resumes lurking.*

  10. You go Reach. Tell Ava 'hi' for me, 'kay?
    You keep giving them hell. You're the man, Reach.

  11. i think its unnecessary to take personal blame for ruining someones life

    when theres a monster running around out there that is the cause of all this

    however i can understand your remorse