Monday, March 28, 2011


Sorry about the lack of activity, I'm after stressing myself into a cold. It happened all the time when I was caring for Ariana. I'd stay up until all hours just in case she had a nightmare. In fact, some days, I got less sleep than her. Yeah, well, I did it again, got sick and ended up in bed beside Ava with Thage taking care of both of us. Yeah, I'm stupid, I know.

I've been thinking a lot about the messages that appeared in a couple of my posts, as helpfully pointed out by Aimee. I'm fairly sure that they're not being caused by Slender Man, which I find somewhat worrying, because it means there's someone else altering electronic communications. But then something else occurred to me. For this individual to be leaving these messages, they need certain words to appear in the posts. How do they ensure those words appear in the posts? Are they altering my thoughts before I put them into text to make sure they get the words they need? The implications are...troubling to say the least.

Reach out.


  1. I agree with you as far as being stupid goes.

    I do believe I've replied to your comment on my new Blog. BUT I left out a detail. I took a liking to the ring of Redlight.

    Hmm your background was better when it was in red.

  2. I beg to differ. It made the red text a little difficult to read.

    On another note, I'm not pleased with this post's secret message. Just try to stay safe.

  3. Crap. Just...crap.
    "I'm in a nightmare. help me."

    I've considered that it might be you, or a part of you, putting the messages in there. This whole thing would make a lot more sense if "I'm falling apart" was meant to be taken literally. The only thing that would counteract that is the reference to you as "Reach" the last time...

    In any case, it certainly isn't malevolent right now. In fact, whatever/whoever is causing this is directly asking for help. It's kind of an odd moral dilemma: it's really not good that they're manipulating your words, but I think that we still have an obligation to help if we can. The problem with that is that we have no idea who or what they are. Makes helping rather hard.

  4. Not sure what it could be, kid. But I'm agreeing with the two ladies- obviously it's not good cause' you aren't secretly saying stuff about sunshine and rainbows.

    Maybe you should try writing more and see if there's a pattern that develops. If you find out more about this, you should be able to answer the cry for help.

  5. I always do that, myself - not the secret red-lettered messages, but the stressing until you get sick. Sleep deprivation just makes it worse.

    Welcome back, anyway, and get well soon, if you haven't already.