Thursday, March 3, 2011


I know I already updated once today and updating every forty minutes is more Ava's thing (sorry, dear, couldn't resist), I felt compelled to make a separate post just to talk about how godly breakfast was.

I hadn't had a traditional Irish breakfast in over forty fucking years.

Oh, the rashers were salted, streaky and fried just enough to be slightly browned but not enough to burn the fat and the sausages were plump and full of meat and the fried eggs were just that little bit crispy at around the edge and I dunked the sausages in the yolk and the scrambled eggs were the perfect consistency and I don't even care that I ate way more eggs than I should have and the hash browns were crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside and fried tomato and saute├ęd mushrooms and oh, Thage had gotten her hands on some Barry's Tea and Irish brown soda bread and FUCKING KERRYGOLD FUCKING REAL FUCKING IRISH FUCKING BUTTER, Thage, you fucking wonderful woman, you fucking saint among sinners, I just...

I fucking love fries. I fucking love them. I don't give a fuck that I have ingested more cholesterol in the past few hours than most people do in a year. Defuckinglicious.


  1. Dammit. Now I'm hungry. You're such a jerk Reach.

  2. -giggles- Reach, this is the second time in a row I've seen you act your apparent age - although this one was less "awkward teenager with an appology" and more "growing teenage boy who is convinced he needs to ingest his weight in food twice daily". Not that I'm saying that's how you are, it's just the image I get. Knowing how old you are, and then remembering how old you look, can be very entertaining sometimes. XD

  3. Somehow, it took your post to make me realise something.

    I'm aging,

    And if I die a biological death, then I should be about one hundred and thirty something when I die.


  4. Cluster F-bomb much? Glad you're enjoying yourself at least.

  5. Good to know you enjoyed it. Maybe I'll see if Thage can make something like that again soon for you, Reach.

    Just make sure you don't give yourself a stomach ache.

  6. Lovely. A whole post to breakfast and barely a paragraph about getting your kidnapped lover back.

    I wonder about you sometimes, sweetheart. XD

  7. That sounds so damn good... *drools*

    @Ava: Well, you know what they say about men's hearts and their stomachs. And at least Reach is eating normal people food. You should see what Daniel eats. I'm pretty sure he has no tastebuds. Or he killed them all with sour things. >.<


  8. I was saving the post about you until after we'd discussed where you went, dear.

    And in my defense, it was a full Irish. Cut me some slack.

  9. This post makes me ache for a full English. God I miss good food...

    My dad tried to make a full Irish once-- he spent a year in Cork and got addicted to the everything-- but he charcoal-ed our kitchen and was banned from cooking without supervision ever again. So yeah, never had an Irish breakfast. Sounds bloody delicious though.

  10. Fun factoid: when you don't have much else to do but read, learning how to cook things you'd normally pay $50 for at an Olive Garden is a good pasttime.

  11. Oh! The aging thing reminds me. Reach, when's your birthday? We should throw you a birthday party. It'll be fun. I'll bring cake.

  12. Something tells me that question has multiple answers, Echo... ^^U

  13. God, I had a meal just like that when I visited Ireland.... I'm going to be lost in the memories of it for a long while now.

  14. Huh, my birthday. I hadn't really though about that. I guess the choices are;

    23rd June, 1953 (actual date of birth)
    23rd November, 1970 (date I became a Revenant)
    11th February, 2011 (date I became human again)
    13th September, 1993 (date reached when you subtract my biological age, i.e. the amount of time I've lived while aging (17 years, 174 days) from today's date)

    I like 13th September, 1993 most myself. I feel detached from the persona of Raymond Shaughnessy, I don't want to celebrate the birth of the Reach that I was and, really, I'm more than a few days old.

    So yeah, September 13th, 1993 is my birthday. Yay for real-life retcons?

  15. ......This would make me older than you.....

    I am in favour of this.

  16. That's a real shocker right there. I don't mind, to be honest. I always did like older women.

  17. I'm still all for the party idea. Assuming we're all still alive in September, that is.

  18. Christ, my kid brother is only a year "younger" than you.

    That's scarey.

    But, on the plus side, if you survive long enough to need new identification papers, you now know what to put as your birthdate!

    That, and my birthday is only two days after yours. Hooray for Virgos! XD

    I have insomnia at the moment. Don't mind me. XP

  19. If you'd been made a revenent just a little early, I would be nearly twice your age.

    That is a scary thought.

  20. In addition, should we all survive to September, I will supply birthday cake. And if you're in Australia at the time you will be legally able to drink!