Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Million Miles

A million miles across the hall,
Behind a wall of wood refined,
My love is trapped in another world
And I fear that she may lose her mind,

Or worse still, if it may be,
That from her mind she won't be free,
That it will eat her up inside
And all we built will be destroyed.

A million years from now 'til then,
I cannot see beyond this hour,
She's slipping further every second
But there is nothing in my power

That I can do to help her win.
I'm waiting for the end to begin.
On my shoulders rests the blame,
As before, it's all the same.

A million lives were ruined by me,
The Broken Bird, my little girl,
Every life I touch is cursed,
I kill their hope and burn their world.

A million miles across the hall,
Ava's set to lose it all.
Once again, I have become
The one who murders everyone.


  1. I feel ya man.

    I really do.

    But you can't go blaming yourself.

    Even if she does lose her mind, there's always that small part of her that will fight. Believe me, I know. They say that the brain can't be harmed the same way twice. Or at least that's what councilers tell me. Not to sure whether it's true or not yet. I know how scary it is to see someone you know and love have moments where they just aren't themselves. Like someone else is there. I understand completely.

    Poetry like this really helps. For me, I guess it was always art I had to turn to, and depressing music.

    Your art is more beautiful than mine.

    Maybe I just didn't give my mother enough love.

    But yeah, words of encouragement...right....

    I'm not sure how I can just go and say things will get better, I mean, that didn't really work out for me before. I really do want to say things will get better, but it's going to take time. Things will most likely get worse, but as my mother used to say, "You need to go through Hell in order to get to Heaven."

    Or something like that.

    Keep her safe man, don't let her stress out too much. Seriously, the more relaxed she is, the better. She did say writing helps her feel better did she?

    Yeah, just keep a watch on her dude. They do some crazy shit when you don't :x It's kind of sad to see a relationship being torn like this.

    I think I'm about to cry.

  2. If you come into the kitchen, there's a swift kick in the ass waiting on you.

  3. I can't even begin to imagine what this must be like for you. Well... that's not true, I can imagine some of it. And all I can say is... hang in there. It will pass. It's not gonna get any easier, but it will pass.

  4. chin up reach

    its not over yet

    and sulking is best left

    to those of us who have


    you have not lost yet

  5. Remnant offering comfort? Odd behavior for a proxie.

  6. Damn I wish I was still back at Thage's to sock you in the eye and hopefully knock some sense into you. Really kid, are you beating yourself up about this?

    Settle down. It's all gonna work out.

  7. Zed, I don't think Remnant's a proxie. honestly, I don't know what he is.

    Reach, that is not you anymore. You are not a murderer any more; you've been freed from that. Remember what you said to me? "This is a ridiculous overreaction." None of this was your fault. It was His fault, and His fault alone. Stop acting like it's yours, because it's not.

    There is a way to win Ava's mind again. Remember Jeff and LOST.


  8. Then it's quite simple child, if you love her, then protect her. Make sure she is safe.

    Turn your inward hatred into outward force. Make Him pay with you anger. Your hatred. Your fear. Turn it against him child, if only to save your own soul...

    -The Liesmith

  9. @Tony: Don't flatter yourself, old man. I may not have my super-strength anymore, but I'm at the peak of my physical fitness and more than capable of showing you why I was his elite assassin.

    @Scott: Jeff is dead because he never managed to escape what Slender Man did to him. How is that an encouraging example?

    @Liesmith: Forgive me if I'm not quite so trusting of someone who named himself after the Norse trickster god. And even if I did trust your advice, how can I protect her when she's sealed herself away in that room? How can I keep her safe when she's at war with herself?


  11. Ava, I'll do whatever you need me to do to help you get through this, just don't ask me not to hate myself for putting you in the position you're in, because then I'll have to obey you and I'd really rather not start off my first few weeks of human emotion by suppressing shit.

  12. I'm not asking you to suppress. I'm asking you to realise that I did this. Not you. I let Red take me, you idiot. You were there, you saw I didn't shoot him.

    I love you. You love me. Simple. Neither of us is to blame for this. I locked myself in this room because I will kill you if I see you. I sincerely doubt this is your fault in any form.

  13. Oh man, the young couple is bickering. Hehe, here's to wishing for a happy marriage you two.

    And Reach, you wound me! It's almost like you actually wish you could show me those elite assassin moves, heh. Old man my ass, by the way. I'm only forty. I got /years/ before I can't move properly, and can only basically wait for someone to come and finish me off.