Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Let Me Down

I can't linger any longer. I've outstayed my welcome already. Thank you for your assistance this past week. It has been conducive to the success of my long term plans.

The winner of Part Three was Cathy. Just like Jean and Haku, she has earned a piece of information, which she will be given in private for safe-keeping.

Things have been set in motion and now, I must ask you to complete the most difficult task of Nocturne's Game. Part Four.

Raymond will wake up in a few hours. Unless they are pointed out to him, he won't see any posts that evidence my existence. The final part of the game is to never tell Raymond that it happened. If you tell him, you lose the game. Everyone loses the game. I've set things up very meticulously here and if certain things happen at the wrong time, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down. So be good little children for Uncle Nocturne and keep your mouths shut. Thanks again for your help.

- Nocturne


  1. And... having no memories of the past week will just fly over his head, huh? Well, I'm certain his mind will come up with some kind of excuse to fill the gaps; our minds usually do.

    Until next time.

  2. Interesting.. I can't help but wonder how Ray's gonna react..

  3. To being out a week, that is.

  4. I do wonder the point of all this...but I have no reason to betray thy wishes.