Friday, April 1, 2011


oh mmm thisis really quite njice i do like my shiwkey whksiey whiskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee woah fell aslepp on the keybaord there haha oh man i havne't been this dunrk  sicne scine since EVER OH COOL I TURNED ON CAPS LCOJK HAHA TPYING IN BEIG LETTLERS BIGLETLERS HAHAHAHAhahaha awww i leikd tjhe big lett ers. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh no feldl aslepp a gain got to keep awaake butt maybe i shodulnt' i lsot alot og sleep when i was keepign vigilant now i am reachly reahll really tired but its too eurly hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh whshit did it agaihn maybe i should go watch elevision for a wheil its proabyle betert then falling asleppd here oh hm lets see if i can signs offf okey

reaachhhhhhhh outt.


  1. Heh. It's funny when you're on the other side of this. Drink lots of water before you go to sleep.

    Oh, and I think I've found today's secret message! "Oh be ever vigilant Reach. Watch the signs." Hm.

  2. .........

    I'll just take it that you did none of the correlating I asked you to and leave it at that, hun.

    I don't know if this is endearing or idiotic.

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  4. Pardon the intrusion. But it's both if you're in a relationship.

  5. ...
    Try not drinking enough to wind up like this.
    Don't drink and blog.

  6. Hehe, oh this is great. Your head is gonna hurt like a /bitch/ in the morning, kid. Have fun living through the hangover. Here's to hoping Ava and Thage are forgiving and quiet the whole day.

  7. When the letters are directly over the light part I can't tell the difference between dark letters and bright. :( Given that it seems to prefer good grammar, I'm gonna assume "key" at the end there has nothing to do with it though.

    Other than the imminent head explosion, maybe you should drink more often. It seems to get more talkative when your control is shot.

    Maybe with more data you'd be better able to determine if it was good, bad, or red hering.