Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Me to You

If a man with a book in his hand is enlightened,
When is that same man dim?
I must recommend that you solve all my riddles
If you want to see Raymond again.

Once you have solved it, I'll write up another
All the answers are hidden in you.
But on with the game; if you get the first right,
The Jester will get number two.
- Nocturne


  1. Either, "When he blindly accepts what he reads" or "When he blindly denies what he reads". That's my opinion, anyway.

    Where is Ray?

  2. The place where Raymond rests his head
    Will be revealed in time to come.
    I promise that he isn't dead,
    Now play the game and have some fun.
    Your answer's quiet poetic, friend,
    But be a thinker, not a bard.
    Words won't help you in the end,
    You're thinking about this far too hard.

  3. When he recieves another book that contradicts with the first.

  4. Don't be so silly, that doesn't make sense,
    I know you're not stupid, so don't take offense
    When I tell you this riddle could be solved by a child.
    You need to think in a more literal style.

  5. Mr.Nocturne, are you talking about Master's pet? Good Girl? If so then I don't think she'll be willing to play a game for the Irishman's well being.

  6. I retract what I said,
    You're dull in the head.

  7. Yes. Yes I am. Thanks for noticing.

    It came to me after I posted comment five.

    You're not asking for a specific person. You're saying that so far Hakurei and I have been over-contemplating right? Sorry I need confirmation. Dull in the head here.

  8. Answer to the riddle perhaps? When the man is blind.

  9. Now that you've got your head on straight,
    With bated breath, your answer I await.
    Don't look too deeply, don't look for lies,
    The answer is right there, in front of your eyes.

  10. I can see why you could think that, Aiden, I see how that could be
    But is he really the same man, if he can no longer see?

  11. Using riddles as qualifiers for intelligence is pretty silly, poem-dude. I'll take a shot, though, and say when he lacks a book in his hand. If this isn't an analogy about actual light blubs then fuck it.

  12. Just because a man has a book in his hands does not necessarily mean he can read it.

    Perhaps then, he is illiterate?

  13. Snore-De-Bliss has worked it out!
    Everybody look!
    The man is no longer enlightened when
    He is without the book.

  14. When he doesn't have a book in his hand.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Excuse that post.

    Way to go Stupendous Menace.

    I guess the next one is reserved for Rabbit Mask.

  17. That was... far too obvious to even be considered. Thinking too hard indeed. >_<

    Although, I must ask: what is the point of all this?

  18. Probably someone using the Irishman's body while he's in his mind or some complicated crap. I have to admit I'm interested in this. An elite lieutenant in Master's army? I don't want anyone to touch him. I have dreamed of facing the traitor in top form ever since I lost my powers. So I'm going to have to get all you Runners and Fighters to buckle down and save him.

    Well Hakurei, he did say think like a child. And a child would've said the same thing.

  19. ah damnit. must have missed his comment.

  20. Stop lounging around, like apes in a zoo,
    I told you that Maduin would get number two,
    So hop to it, young bunnies, solve them all fast,
    'Cause I'm not sure how much longer Ray's going to last!

  21. Now that I've stretched you to the limits of your mind,
    Show me that you found what I wanted you to find.

  22. "Without the book of rain, the tall man will end the world in a plagal cadence."

    What, pray tell, does this mean?

  23. Well, the Plagal Candence is also used in church services during the Amen and Plagal Mode is used in chant...I'm not sure if that's relevant, though. :/


    The results!

    In 3rd place, Snore-De-Bliss, who solved 1 riddle!
    In 2nd place, Hakurei Ryuu, who solved 2 riddles!
    In 1st place, Jean, who solved 5 riddles!

    Jean is the winner of the first round and has earned a piece of information, which she will be given in private for sake-keeping.

    As for the message hidden in the riddles, keep it in mind. It will be a necessary component of part 3.

    For now, I bid you adieu.

    - Nocturne

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. Nocturne's game is more entertaining than Monopoly.

  27. Fuck you, you piece of shit. Where the fuck is Reach and what the fuck have you done with him?!

  28. Also, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Plagal_Cadence#Plagal_cadence . Hope this is of more help than my crap guesses and ill timing.

    So, is Slender Man supposed to sing / say Amen to the world to death? That doesn't make any sense. What the hell is he supposed to be, God?

  29. Too nice to ever get iced, like Hef givin' love in a tight tryst.

    Expect ya dude to sweep next time.

  30. You need to calm down, Scott. I'm on your side. Raymond is sleeping at the moment, he's perfectly fine. Don't you think he deserves a rest? I do.

    The message in the riddles isn't meant to be understood yet. I am playing a very delicate game here and I don't need a loudmouth like you screwing things up for everybody. Calm down.

    - Nocturne

  31. I'm sorry. I haven't been feeling well for a while, and I've been prone to sudden feelings of anger. I didn't realize you were a friend; I guess I've become to used to assuming that blog "hackings" were from proxies.

    Understood. I'll quiet down.


  32. I think you're a loony but honestly nobody here can judge.

    So, what happens next, boss?

  33. I suppose it's a bit silly to ask, but I'd just like confirmation: Are you the same one who's been inserting codes into Reach's posts?

    If so, how are you suddenly able to take full control?

  34. I am without internet for a day and THIS happens?

    Friend or foe, if you hurt him, I'll string up from the rafters by your lower intestine.

  35. My, my, my. Haku, you are a bright young thing, aren't you? You, I think, will come in very handy.

    Yes, I am the one who has been leaving the hidden messages. Full control was achieved after Raymond drank himself into oblivion in the early hours of Tuesday morning. There's still some alcohol in his bloodstream, actually, but he has an Irish liver, he'll be fine.

    The only risk of harm is to his brain but I have been able to keep him unconscious while I occupy his body. I feared that he would incur minor brain damage due to his brain having to host two consciousnesses, like a computer running two operating systems, if you will. But he's fine. A few grazes and bruises from the difficult work I've been undertaking, but otherwise fine.

    Ava, I would reconsider that threat if I were you, since I am currently in use of Raymond's intestine. My own is rather more...out of the way and if you were ever able to get close enough to it to string me up, you'd have bigger fish to fry...though there is the possibility...no, I think you'll have to settle for just trusting me at the moment.

    I must admit that I am glad to see you so concerned. I'm afraid that Raymond may not succeed in the task I have for him without you by his side. He'll need your love and support to get through the coming months.

    As to Jean's query, part two of the game will start on Friday night. For now, however, I have a backlog of work to attend to. I have been indulging my heart for too long. Time to get back to the head work.

    - Nocturne

  36. Danger to his brain indeed... How long are you planning on sticking around? Through the entire game? It might be better for Ray's health to wake him up in between rounds, if that's at all possible. I can see the limitations of that though, so... I guess we're forced to trust your judgement on the subject.

    I'd ask WHAT you're doing, but that appears to be confidential. And I've no doubt that we'll figure it out eventually.

    You had better take care of him, Nocturne.

  37. The game is just a side show to my main project. I need to prepare for all eventualities. I don't intend to occupy Raymond's body for more than a week but if the game runs longer than expected, well...perhaps that will give you incentive to work as hard in part two as you did in part one.

    As for what I'm doing, if I told you that, the whole thing would come undone and I am working very hard to prevent it coming undone. So, yes, I'm afraid it's confidential for the moment.

    - Nocturne

  38. I've just caught up with all of this, first off, apologies, Ava, I feel like I probably should have read this blog sooner or at the same time.

    However, my offer of assistance does still stand, Nocturne, is there a danger of Reach being disoriented, confused or the like when/if you release him?

    If so would you perhaps consider leaving him in or near Belfast, if indeed you're still about Ireland somewhere, so I can get him another full Irish and make sure he's alright 'til he can get back to Ava? I'd say I'd buy him a pint but I given the circumstances, that would be an obviously bad idea.

    Finally, Ava, if you do read this, you have my condolences for the crap you guys have been through, and, as I said, my offer of assistance still stands.


  39. Also, of course, I don't expect trust, however, if you can think of any way I can prove my sincerity, by all means let me know, as I do genuinely wish to help.

  40. We're going to be live in fifteen minutes, children.

    - Nocturne

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