Monday, April 4, 2011


The experiment went either better or worse than expected depending on who you ask. I think it was a rousing success. Ava is pissed at me for talking her into letting me to do it. In my defense, neither of us were expecting me to start walloping my head off things until I fell unconscious and, in fairness, Thage did a good job of the stitches where I smashed the bottle over my head.

Anyway, the results are more important. We looked around and it seems that I made nineteen posts last night, but I'm going to set aside the eleven that appear to be ordinary drunken rambling and focus on the ones with hidden messages.

1. My first comment on Vivere disce contains a fairly obvious one; one simply has to remove the capital letters.
"man will burn like a rag doll"
2. My only comment on Let Us Keep Living was a lot more difficult but Thage eventually figured it out; just remove all the misspelled words.
"the dust will settle on the bones of the hopeful"
3. My first comment on The London Librarian was simple; capitalised words.
4. My only comment on A Really Bad Joke was a repeat of number one; remove all the capital letters.
"your fighting is a joke you can only prepare"
5. My third comment on my own blog was another repeat of number one; remove all the capital letters.
"the sun is burning in the sky"
6. My first comment on Hand in Hand was yet another repeat of number one; remove all the capital letters.
"those who have forgotten will not be spared"
7. My only comment on Observe and Terminate was the opposite of number three; lower-case words.
"bullets won't save you nothing will"
8. My third comment on Para-Not-So-Normal was a repeat of number seven; lower-case words.
"this pain will consume the world"
 They aren't the only things I wrote though. If you were following Ava's Twitter, you'd have seen that I was quite a busy drunk. Most of the stuff I did was fairly benign but three things stood out.

First the love letter I wrote to Ava;
my daerest Avelesca,
i liove yrou os muc i loive yer haire adn yer skin andeyer vioce nad yoeur eye. yer loeve has breought wholee nwew meaneing tto miy lief. iit hass been turned arund ceompleteyand ihave nooooone to thaenk foer thcat butt youe. mye lovee forforforforforfor ist burning liked anne eteranl flaem. i wodner iff eteranal flameys leavea ash?
This one is a repeat of the second comment; remove the incorrectly spelled words and you are left with the following;
"my skin has been turned to ash"
Then there's the music I wrote. One of the songs has every "o" in the song crossed out with an "x". The title of the song is "As Liek the Leeeeeeeeering Munster in teh Undergrowth, Steping out from The Forst and Eatin Aleiv teh Ratz (He Irks Me)". This one was fairly obvious; capital letters.
Finally, there was an instrumental piece called "Isabel's Fall (Swan Dive Swan Song)", which I'd started writing before the experiment but I drunkenly changed the chord progression to D-->E-->A-->D last night, so the song basically consists, repeatedly, of the following message;
I'm still trying to get my head around it all. Eleven hidden messages, in six hours? Well, we can safely say that the experiment was a success, for both the entity altering my posts and me. But the implications? Too much to think about with the massive fucking hangover I have right now.

Reach out.


  1. I doubt my experiences follow the same patterns, but sometimes, you let something in and the effects are very subtle. For better or for worse, you were a thinking agent of the thing at one time. That certainly counts as letting something in. :(

    Good luck sorting it out.

  2. Reading around some of the comments, I noticed you said you could actually feel something in the back of your head. Any thoughts on that?

  3. I just had an idea.
    What if revenants are real, but they are mental entities that change human behavior?
    That could be a revenant inside your mind now.

  4. Haku, I have been pondering on that one ever since I woke up. It's not a symptom of alcohol poisoning anyway, which means it's more likely a symptom of whatever the fuck is putting these hidden messages in what I say. This needs further thought.

  5. Well it's probably been brought up already but.......


    Well look at the time. Busy busy.

  6. Marnax, Nil, those ideas make no sense. They're too needlessly convoluted.

  7. I suppose so. In this world things do tend to be more. . .straightforward is the word?

    My best friend had two people inside of his head and it took him forever to just up and get rid of him, so let's hope that Reach is right in that Marnax's theory makes no sense.

  8. Oh hey sorry for the double comment. But I figure if "someone's"going to be mad the bloggers might as well be mad too.

    You seeing something strange? Eyes act as receptors and you can feel the light reflect off them and the image received in the back of your head sometimes.

  9. I have no idea what you're talking about, nor do I care.

  10. Thers one on my blog know.

  11. Yours is the fourth listed, Maduin.

  12. I truly hope I am wrong.
    And what I meant is that there might be a part of your mind that is still loyal to Him.

  13. I didn't notice...or didn't see. Sorry.

    Also, funnily enough, my fighting IS a joke and I'm in the midst of preparing a real doozy.