Monday, April 25, 2011

I Feel Fine/I've Just Seen A Face

Bah. I tried to reason with my doctor. Still no luck on a discharge, despite the fact that I feel fine. Pffft. This isn't even worth posting. I'll wait until something interesting happens. No point posting this.

Okay, it's about eight hours later. I see something lurking in the corner of my room. I...don't know what it is. I think I can see a face but...I don't know. It could be Slender Man, it could be Eulogy, it could be the fucking Hanging Man for all I know. It's just standing there. I'm typing this under my blanket. Once I've posted this, I'm gonna try and make a break for it. Fuck, it's coming towards me. I have to go.

Reach out.


  1. Careful, man. Always try to make sure that what you're seeing is real.

  2. By ... Letting it get a hold of him? The normal, "Does anybody else see this?" Method is right out given even the standard Person Watching You is invisible unless you're already fucked.

  3. Good luck to you, Reach. Stay smart, stay moving.

    @Nekhs True enough. Still, minds do have a tendency of breaking. Reach has been through a hell of a lot. The day we accept EVERYTHING as real is the day we TRULY ARE fucked~

  4. Reach....


    good luck, reach

  5. I told you so.

    I told you so. I told you so. I told you so. I told you so.

    I told you so.

    You should have gone, Reach. Just have walked out the door and not looked back. Just walked away. Why didn't you try harder? Why didn't you try?

  6. @Mitch yeaaaaah, it just seems like folly to let whatever-it-is EAT YOU until you can be sure you're not hallucinating. I err on the side of caution usually, particularly when ... Well, this entire path leads to madness. And FROM, for that matter.

    I don't think, "I told you so," is very productive either though ...