Saturday, April 16, 2011

With a Little Help from My Friends

I'm afraid I must be brief with tonight's game, friends. Extraneous circumstances have changed my schedule dramatically and I can no longer work within the constraints I had hoped to.

Part Three of Nocturne's Game is both simpler and far more difficult than Part One or Two. Tonight, my friends, you must publicly give a piece of information about yourself that no one else knows. The winner is whoever I feel has been the most open and trusting. I'm afraid I can't view tonight's game personally, but I will announce the winner at the opening of Part Four, tomorrow. Until then, feel free to open up.

- Nocturne


  1. This should be.. interesting.. gonna have to dig through my memories, 'cause I'm pretty sure everything I've done that I've not spoken of publicly, at least one other person was involved or knew of.. hmm..

  2. Over a year and a half has passed since my girlfriend broke up with me.
    To this day she does not know that I have at one time cheated on her.
    This keeps making me look back at myself with contempt and despising many of the things I did, am doing and will do.

    Yes, I seem to give this away lightly, but bear this in mind:
    If my sin may end up saving Ray, then so be it.

  3. About four months prior to the procedure I underwent to become a Revenant, I was sexually assaulted by my step-father. He regularly abused my eldest brother and I for reasons unbeknownst to me.

    There where repeated incident's like this, before the Master came to take me and my brother. To be completely honest, I actually grew to enjoy it. It was the only time he really told me he loved me.

    There's my contribution.

  4. I will allow Marnax to participate in this game.
    Here he is.

    Hey guuys, everyything's good here, I'm fine.
    My thing is I have never been in love.
    I have never kissed.
    And how could I in times like this?

  5. The hell with it.

    The first person I ever kissed, and ever did anything sexual with was another guy, I never even told my ex-girlfriend, the one I claim was my first.

    As Maduin said, if it may end up saving Ray, so be it.

  6. If this is a means of helping someone, even if said person and I don't know each other, then so be it. I feel like I've failed too many people lately, I'm not about to fail another.

    So, my fiacness/boyfriend since Middle school cheated on me a couple months ago while drunk.

    What he doesn't know, and still doesn't know.

    I've cheated on him as well. Multipple times. I've been with Taben. Ryan knows and is accepting. But I've never told Brennon of the feelings I developed for Taben.

    Brennon and I are going to be getting married on the 30th of this month. He still doesn't know about Taben's and my relationship.

  7. Sharing is caring, huh? Well, this is for Ava so we can try and get Reach back faster. Don't know if this is what you're looking for, and unfortunately I can't give you much due to not remembering anything before marrying Cathy...but, I do remember those years running. And now would be as good a time as any to unload some shit.

    I don't like you people, or, at least, most of you. But nevertheless...

    I ran from that thing for maybe...four years, give or take. The other six? Seven? I lost track of the time to be honest, was spent working for that thing. What I did- hehe, I tortured people. It wasn't like it is now. You didn't give the victim a chance, leave them secret messages and watch them from afar. The best part was savoring having them in your grasp and seeing the fear in their eyes as they silently plead for you to just let them go.
    "You're human too, why won't you help me?"
    "Why, why are you doing this to me?"
    And sometimes it wouldn't be quick. It would be slow, starting with the fingers and moving on to the intestines. They would be alive through it, writhing in pain and silently wishing for it all to be over.
    And when they finally broke, blood pooling into my hands, I would hand them over to it. This thing would take them and break them mentally, play over worst fears and give them rays of hope only to crush them. Over and over they would be twisted and broken. It was fun to me back then, I laughed as I pulled nails out and broke ribs one by one.
    And I still don't think it was wrong. I still am confused as to why it's wrong to have hurt them.

    Hehe, you wanna know my secret? The monster /changed/ me. I lack the necessary emotions to function as a normal person. I am a sociopath. I am crazy. Something happened to my brain ...that thing did something to my head. And now I'm no better than all the other minions. Maybe even worse as most of them don't have any class, they just act on basic emotion and let it control everything they do. They weren't around for the good old days...good- did I say good? I mean the bad days. Actually no, I don't know if it was good or bad, it was just years in my life.

    So there it is. Wouldn't say it before because I learned to lie and make the victims trust me. I don't work for it anymore but...people might find it a tiny bit more difficult to trust me now, hehe.

  8. I...

    God. Hitting exactly where it hurts, aren't you? And I feel obligated to participate this time, since I missed your last two games despite being the first one to catch your hidden text.

    I've never been able to completely separate fiction from reality in my mind. Even when I rationally know that something's not true, I believe it on some level if it seems like it'd be more interesting than my pathetic little life.

    And worse, I want it to be true, no matter how much harder my life would be because of it. Makes me feel almost...perverse. Especially since the brand of fiction I'm into isn't exactly flowers and rainbows. I'm an escapist who's constantly escaping to worlds worse than the one she lives in.

    How sick am I?

  9. My best friend's name is Stephanie, and usually I'm pretty honest with her. We've been friends since we were seven, even though there are instances where she had betrayed me. Or perhaps she has betrayed other friends. But since her memories have been put out into the open I have to say I'm just as worse as her. Maybe even worse.

    When we first met I tried to get her to forget all about her other friend, and deliberately did everything I could to get rid of her. Something about her bothered her, I couldn't remember what but I didn't want Steph hanging out with anyone of the sort. I suppose me being the lonely girl I was...I didn't want anyone to get in the way of a potential friendship.

    Even when I heard about the girl's disappearance, I didn't tell Stephanie about it, I made up some lie about her moving. Eventually people forgot about her.

    Eventually Stephanie forgot about her existence.

    And I won't lie...I have some feelings for Stephanie as well. It's a bit embarrassing. I believe she suspects, but so far she hasn't said anything. Really, all we do is joke about it.

    Whether this saves Ray or not, I feel as if I need to let this out. It's been bothering me for the last few months.

    I just hope that the day that Stephanie does find out, whether today, or the next day, or even the next month...

    I just hope I can be forgiven, for separating her from a friend. Now that I think about it, they did seem like they were such great friends. I wonder how that girl is now....

    She's probably angry with me. Yes, I think that's it.

  10. What's this rating scale based on? Poignancy, or emotional impact? Jeez, Mr. Nocturne, you don't plan to specify anything in these games, do ya? Are you making this up on the fly or something?

    But sure, let's play. A thing about me I haven't told anybody else.

    Well, you see, before I came to this place to market myself as a hip-hop aficionado and all-around fun-lovin' chap, I used to work-no, that's the wrong word for what I did. its too benign a descriptor of what I did, what I did to THEM of all people. But that's not the point. I used to march the streets of Newark, New Jersey and keep my neighborhood safe. That's the justification I hid behind, anyway, if my friends asked me why we had just rolled up to a random house on the street and taken the random silver thing sitting on their front porch. I told them those things? Payments. I never lied to my comrades, and I didn't then either.

    I never killed anybody, never I never did. how could those I coerced into this even comprehend an ulterior motive for my request, besides my utter drive for the region's safety? I mean, I loved Newark more than any other man alive. That's a given, taken, and made-into-bacon fact: I'd be willing to catch heat to protect my hometown. But

    he needed the food. he couldn't eat anything else without it on the side. he couldn't tell the doctors or else they would cart him away for crimes against humanity. His continued survival gave undeniable, irrefutable proof of his actions which would not cast a shadow of a doubt in a court of law, nonetheless in the Hague.

    So simple, really. Just a pound, a pound of the stuff. Preserve it properly, wrap it in aluminum foil, and leave it outside every other Saturday at 9:30 A.M., with a note marked to the "Food and Drug Administration". I only asked five people, really, I did - and their competency could not be called into question. Five pounds, every other Saturday morning, sometimes even more, neatly sheathed by those little FUCKING crinkly silver packages

    shit, jesus christ. why did he need that? he enjoyed eating them, didn't he? why? there's no medical condition like that, no precedent to go with. but I had lived with him for the course of my natural life, and even in grade school, jesus even in GRADE SCHOOL, we worked to keep him alive. oh god, timmy and john and logan and joseph. I can still see them, even now, eyes rolling back under the influence of those drugs, and I can still see the silver colored implement clasped in his palm, rising straight into the sun, expanding its fiery gleam into a molten hot, extremely wide, iron wedge grin hooked to the edge of a handle secured for chopping and slicing

    but we never killed them.

    Only a pound of flesh. that's all Marley needed to ingest, and that's the most now to which I can attest.

  11. Very, very good! I am in deep admiration of thy devious mind, Nocturne.

    And a secret? I have, disgustingly often, had to kill my own children - so their brothers and sisters could eat.

  12. When I go to school, and I see those kids doing drugs and drinking and cutting themselves, I don't want to report them. I don't want to talk to them. I just want to join them.

    I can't really think of any secrets I have. That's the best I got.

  13. Well, well what do we have here? I go off on business for a few days and what do I find on my return? The traitor has been overcome by this... thing?

    My dear Reach, how you have fallen. And all of you stupid rebels with your little secrets and filth. And what do I have to offer to your little game? Nothing really, I am afraid. I have nothing to hide. I am sure I could find something from my former life, could that I remembered any of it... perhaps...

    No, I shall leave you children to your fun now.


  14. Sometimes I don't want to find Cynthia.

  15. Why not.

    Not sure I count for this game. Ah, well.

    I often doubt I'm capable of connecting with other people effectively, and that any evidence to the contrary is part training, part an elaborate act to seem normal.

    Also strong emotion. Sometimes I doubt that, too.

    Good luck, Reach.

  16. There are times that I am so jealous of my best friend that I could scream because she has a child and I am not going to live long enough to have one of my own.

  17. Hi, I have been reading your game a time ago, I don't want to participate, but, I feel to have the need to open up right now, in any way:

    My Sins;
    I'm just a kid pretending to be an adult sometimes. Most of those times the circumstances make me act like that.

    I'm hypocrite, I have sinned, but people don't know about it, those sins are the ones just me and my Lord can know.

    I'm part of a catholic fraternity since I was born. I was symbolically ordered knight there, but personally I feel I haven't do anything to win the tittle yet. Like if I must suffer to win it.

    Sometimes I sin hating my own fathers, but then I remember who they are and what they have done for me and I repent.

    I also sin by internally hating paganism without patience, although my own grand grandfather was a pagan. I suspect I was followed by something during all my childhood because of that. And also why it was simpler for me to stop fearing Winged.

    Few times, I.. have the desire to kill. I feel horrible because of that. Every time I do, I discreetly bite myself or secretly hit walls till it hurts me to have some sort of 'control'. When my relatives see me biting myself they think is just like a tic.

    Although I feel I must confess my sins, I haven't made time for it. (I also feel this doesn't counts as confessing) I want to confess before Eastern.

    But I must accept I feel more relieved now.

    My personal Issues;

    I have had sleeping problems since I was a kid.

    I can't speak with the girl I like because in my fraternity I can't have a girlfriend till I can support my own house/department. And Since she is in the fraternity too, we are frequently observed.

    Because of my fault, a friend of mine blacked out in alcohol during a party. I started rejecting drinking beer since then (and avoid drinking more than 2 cups of anything that have alcohol, even if it just like 1% of it). ...He vomited in my shoes while I was helping him...

    I joined a government youth sport military group. Is like the boys scouts in US, but here we learn how to fight and do gymnastic stunts that may help us in an emergence situation. I have plans of accepting my military service when I reach 18 years old (In my country we do an obligatory raffle to determine if you are doing the service or not. If you don't do the raffle you cant receive your civil rights.I wont do the raffle, which actually everyone hates, and pass directly to the service).

    I'm dyslexic, but I have manged to use that in my favor in my studies.

    I'm a half-cast. I have Spanish, Japanese, Meso-American Indian, and (my family also suspect that) Russian blood from one of my grandfathers. Apparently that combination ends up in an American like person... (I don't like the fact that people always says I'm American, just for being blond and pale).

    My first kiss was in kindergarten. It was an accident and I didn't noticed it until 3 minutes passed (I was like, wait a minute, did I just kissed that girl? ... well, whatever..) Both the girl and me just acted like if nothing happened (Although I can remember that I could saw, for some seconds, a surprise face in her when we saw each on her just back then).

    I haven't loose a single fight in my life (actually I have only fought seriously 4 times in my life). But it is not like if I had met someone too strong yet.

    The actual boyfriend of the girl I mentioned before (Wish I didnt saw in 6 years)suddenly wanted to fight with me, I rejected, but I must admit I was pretty confused by that.

    I feel I have wrote a lot already, so to end--

    Drawing, Writing, Fencing, Boxing, MMA fighting, Courting (I feel horrible with the fact I cant care my liked girl), Philosophizing, and of course, Praying.

  18. Well, in my own blog, I admitted a great truth about myself. The entry is

    However, I will admit this, there are a few things that I chose to keep to myself, because I thought it was safe to keep the past buried. Obviously not, if it means saving Reach.

    The ex fiancee did cheat on me. However, she isn't the oinly one to do so. I began having suspicions about it, though I never had concrete proof. While I was at college, I met up with this girl in the dorms. She was in one of my classes. We went to a party there and both of us got pretty drunk. Next thing I know, we are in her bed in her room. I cheated on my ex fiancee. I did, and yet I didn't, feel guilty about it. Even to this day, I both feel guilty and not guilty about doing that.

    The other truth I have kept is in regards to experience in high school. I never even told my family about this, but for awhile, I was in a deep depression, and drugs were the only thing that kept me from wanting to kill myself. Ultimately, they almost did the trick. Thankfully, a good friend of mine (who is still one of my best friends to this day) finally got me out of my slump and helped me turn my life back around.

    I don't know if my sins are enough to save Reach, but I hope one of us can.


  19. ...Has it occurred to anyone that this round only requires a single participant to play? There is no correct answer, no NEED to spout all this stuff, as we're only playing against each other this time, not Nocturne. If only one person had answered the question, that person would be the winner by default and we could all move on.

    Seriously, guys. There's competition, and then there's this. This is not competition. This is just wrong.

  20. I think a lot of people like to spill their guts when given a chance to. Like uh ... Sir Knight up there said, there's a sense of relief to it.

    If they get to imagine they're helping out a friend/whatever you call it, then so much the better.

    You raise a valid point, though, Ryuu.

  21. It's possible we could've, Hak, but he might've just extended the round until more of us spilled, better safe than sorry.

  22. well, Rei... Nocturne just wants to find the ideal person in which to trust the information. And as I said in my last comment, I just wanted to take all that out of me (wohoo! I confessed today!!!!)

    ...Sir knight?.. please don't say me like that again XD (I think I already said that I dont like the tittle for the moment..)